Suzanne's  is known for its Parisian-like ambience and healthy, organic, gourmet meals. Suzanne Hart, the head chef and owner, opened Suzanne's Table in September of 2015. After years of developing a strong catering reputation in Irvington, Suzanne's Table is a dream come true for her.

Many customers have become great friends with the staff, staying to chat long after they finish ordering their dinner. This has added to one of the main goals of Suzanne's: to create an atmosphere in which customers feel they are a part of the community that is Suzanne's Table. Whether it be a brief sit-down lunch or a takeout dinner for the entire family, customers can expect an individualized experience, with staff who truly care about the quality of the service they provide. Suzanne cuts no corners, and all ingredients are held to a strict high standard of quality, resulting in each dish tasting healthy and fresh.